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energetic space clearingcleansing & rebalancingwith sound, dowsing, incense & candles*

energetic space clearing

"I moved into an old house and immediately called Ruth to book a space clearing. The result was immediate and has been long lasting. Ruth cleared years and years of other people’s, stagnant energy, from every part of the house including stairways and landings. It was very impressive. The change was palpable. I can highly recommend Ruth’s work." - JJ

Energetic space clearing is the ancient art of cleansing and purifying the energetic residue that can build up and become stagnant in our homes and work places. This residue can slow down and stop the natural flow of energy in a space creating blockages and imbalances which can be felt as a heavy or dull environment and can feel quite draining and uncomfortable.

A cleansed space can feel so much more alive, fresh and vibrant, creating balance and harmony in your environment which can really support general health and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Energetic space clearing is especially good when moving into a new property, clearing out the energies of the previous occupants to allow for a new fresh start in your new home. It is also very beneficial after 'spring cleaning' your space so it is also deeply clean on an energetic level. Any space can be cleansed, your home, whether your whole house or a specific room, your work space and even your car.

What's involved

  • Preparation
We suggest that you de-clutter and cleanse your space and windows as much as possible before the energetic space clearing session for maximum benefit, with the intent of deep energetic clearing and a fresh start. Clear out anything that is broken or unwanted - "If it's not useful or beautiful, throw it away or give to someone who may need it". Turn off smoke alarms for the duration of the clearing session (if requesting incense)
  • Energetic Space Clearing
Focus on the intention for creating a positive space for new beginnings and growth
Dowsing for indications of particular areas that may require more focus/clearing, also using chimes

  • Purification - open all windows, loosening and cleansing of the stuck energy - smudge sticks/incense
  • Invocation - with intention invite new vibrant energy in - Drum, Himalayan singing bowls and candles
  • Preservation - Meditation - visualise the space bathed in bright white, positive healing energy or qi. Affirm that only peace and love will enter the space - allow the candles to burn down
*For more information and to discuss your individual requirements please contact us
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